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The boys are back in town

After a few years of pretty intense medical issues I am back to a limited diet. I am trying AIP (Autoimmune Paleo Protocol) for a month to see how that helps.

Right now I miss sugar, cheese, and anything fried/processed.

This is harder than I remember it



I have not challenged a new food this week because I have had more pain.  I have not had the ability to even think about a new food with my head pain.  This week has been worse pain wise and I am just not able to plow through the pain like I have been able to.  It may be the holidays are wearing me thin and I dont have the reserves to take on the same amount of pain.

Chronic pain is some thing new for me and its taking a lot of adjustment.  I am mostly eating lamb, brown rice, and sweet potatoes this week because I don’t really have the energy  to make much else.  I am lucky to have a great partner in life who has had dinner made for me so I don’t have to do it.

I hope that after the holidays I can challenge Coconut Milk again along with a few others.  This week will be a mulligan but thats how life goes at some times with chronic pain.