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Over sugared and under the weather

I have not been posting lately.  I have had limited progress with my allergy challenge diet and decreasing my pain.   I got so stressed that I broke down and got cupcakes.  I had not had processed sugar since Thanksgiving.  I ate three of them before I felt sick.  I did not feel as sick as I expected but I am now having to break off the sugar cravings again.  Sugar is like any drug and my body wants MORE.  I know thats how humans were designed back when sweet things were rare.  Now that you can eat a metric ton of sugar every day in every way (candy, pop, sports drinks, etc) its hard for the body to know when to stop because its programed not to.  So my sugar addictions is back after not craving sugar for a few months.

Cupcakes are my Kryptonite.  My arch nemesis would have a box of cupcakes and I would totally forget about them destroying the city until after my sugar crash.  There is a gluten free bakery that feeds my addiction.  They are a really wonderful bakery but I should not be having sugar.

Salted Carmel, Carrot, and Dairy Free Vanilla

If you want to feed your sugar addiction too.

Also I got sick so that has kept me from moving forward on my diet challenge.  I think I am up to trying a different meat (ground beef?) and sunflower seed butter.  I am back to trying to kick sugar cravings, trying hot yoga for my pain, and moving on to a new food in the allergy challenge diet.  Its been a while and there have been a few bumps in the road but I feel like I am doing okay.  I have trimmed up my body and cary less fat now due to being very mindful of what I eat and cutting out sugars.




What comes first the chicken or the egg?  Stress or pain?  They seem to come together and its hard to separate the two.  Lots of stress equates to increase in pain.  Maybe it is that I don’t deal as well with the same amount of pain but it feels like the more stress I get the more pain I am in.

I have been keeping pretty steady on the diet. Eggs were tested and semi rejected after some time in my deit.  Maple syrup has also been tested and semi rejected.  Maple syrup increased the rosacea back to pre diet level but the redness quickly went away the next day.

Really at this point I am so low on reserves that I am going to get cake.  I have had a terrible week and there is nothing left.  I cant tolerate how much stress and pain I feel right now.  I have been doing well in reducing stress with out food for weeks but I may just break down tomorrow.  All I can think about is sugar treats that I logically know will make me feel like crap but I want them anyways.