What comes first the chicken or the egg?  Stress or pain?  They seem to come together and its hard to separate the two.  Lots of stress equates to increase in pain.  Maybe it is that I don’t deal as well with the same amount of pain but it feels like the more stress I get the more pain I am in.

I have been keeping pretty steady on the diet. Eggs were tested and semi rejected after some time in my deit.  Maple syrup has also been tested and semi rejected.  Maple syrup increased the rosacea back to pre diet level but the redness quickly went away the next day.

Really at this point I am so low on reserves that I am going to get cake.  I have had a terrible week and there is nothing left.  I cant tolerate how much stress and pain I feel right now.  I have been doing well in reducing stress with out food for weeks but I may just break down tomorrow.  All I can think about is sugar treats that I logically know will make me feel like crap but I want them anyways.


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