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Scotch Eggs

Scotch Eggs sound difficult but are in fact simple and yummy.  Its basically hard boiled eggs covered in meat and baked.  I had a free night so I got creative with getting my last two eggs in for the first day of egg challenge.

Eggs Cooking
Scotch Eggs Step 1

I used ground lamb even if the recipes called for pork or beef.  It was really tasty and had a good enough fat content to work well.  I seasoned it with cinnamon, nutmeg, salt, and a dash of pepper.

Scotch Egg and Deconstructed Stuffed Peppers

High protein dinner of eggs and lamb with some rice and veggies to even it out.  I am not great a plating food but its sure as hell tasty even if its not perfect looking.  So far I am okay with eggs.  I am a little lethargic but not too much.  I will continue to try tomorrow.  I have one more scotch egg for breakfast and  I might make them again tomorrow.





After weeks and weeks of eating non reactive foods I jumped off into the unknown of the ‘Big 8’ Allergens.  Eggs are a staple of many diets and a big part of paleo cooking.  Paleo cooking is close enough to allergy challenge or allergy restricted that I can modify most of the recipes to fit what I am doing as long as I can eat egg.  So that brings us up to eggs now even if I did plan to stay away from the ‘Big 8’ for a longer time.  If in the next two days I can tolerate eggs I will be well on my way to having a modified paleo diet plan in action.

This morning I scrambled an egg with some olive oil and sea salt.  I might hard boil some of the rest.  There are a few paleo recipes for ‘scotch egg’ which is covering a hard boiled egg in ground meat (usually pork but I am going to use lamb) to making a little meat/egg ball of yummy.  That might be my saturday project this week.

Totally unoriginal but very yummy smoothing recipe to follow that I stumbled on the other day in trying to make a smoothy other than strawberry banana.  It tastes like what I remember the good squish filling of PB&J sandwiches did when I was little and was able to eat gluten.

Faux PB&J Smoothy

1 whole ripe banana

1.19oz single serve squeeze pack of Artisana Raw Almond Butter

1/2 cup to 1 Cup Frozen Raspberries

So Delicious Coconut Milk (unflavored)  – enough to make the smoothy liquid consistency

Bad Blogger No Cookie…well maybe just one cookie

I have not blogged in a while.  Bad Blogger.  Its been due to pain, holidays, holidays spent in pain, and family fun times. The holidays were rough for me.  I did not do well with the noise level at my honey’s family house.  They do not have inside voices.  I ended up in an upstairs bedroom in the dark crying.  Nothing says xmas like leaving a family function crying and in pain.  I have managed to keep up my allergy challenge diet even with holidays and family visits.

In the process of this diet I have learned a bit about my self.  On bad days I cope with food.  That is pretty limited for me now.  I used to cope by eating junk foods.  I am pretty sure there was a bad three months where I lived off Five Guys, Pei Wei, and Chipotle every day.  Five Guys Fries and Chipotle were top of the list.  Chipotle is not really ‘junk’ food as they have standards that the food has to meet and do a lot for organic options being part of their menu. Its still very high fat and not part of my allergy challenge diet.

Today I broke.  I had a bad day.  I forgot my pain medication in the morning so it was a bad day.  I really wanted cheese fries.  Like I would have gone crazy over a burger and fires to the point of tears.  As I recall I did a fair amount of crying this afternoon because I was so unhappy and I wanted food to comfort me.  My way of coping with stress is to self sooth with food.  Not the best  way to handle my stress but its been my way for 25+ years.  Hard to stop now.  I was steps away from going to find my cheese fries and feed this feeling of hurt some good old comfort food.

I ended up eating a bag of raw gluten free vegan Macaroons as my self soothing with food.  Its not the best choice since its a bit more sugar (maple syrup) than I should have but its way better than cheese fries.  I found a company that makes raw cookies that fit pretty close to my allergy challenge diet regulations and still tastes like a cookie.  I am now kind of hooked on them and may eat half another package before bed because I still hear the siren song of the cheese fries.

You can find and order the cookies here

Also retested coconut milk and thats a go – makes a great smoothy and has good texture

Up next coconut flour and if I get stir crazy/adventurous butter or eggs.