Giving Thanks

There are many things I am thankful for this year.  My family has been very supportive through this allergy challenge diet.  We had a nice and easy Thanksgiving meal with my honey and my folks.  Every one mostly stuck to the allergy challenge diet as well.

My honey and my dad got Oreos for desert because I don’t want them to feel they have to go all in with me on this diet.  My mom and I had a pie she made.  She used the cookie recipe for the crust and did a pumpkin with banana as the binder (no eggs).  It was a bit different at first but I finished almost the whole thing by my self over the next two days so I would call it a success.

I had a nice time with my family and did not feel too deprived on this diet.  I did not attend my honey’s family thanksgiving. It was a hard choice.  I did not know if I could be around a whole mess of food I just cant eat at this time and his family is far to large to have everyone stick to my own diet to make me feel better.  I don’t know if his mom understood this choice.  My head pain had a lot to do with not making the trip but the food was a big issue for me.  I am still trying to stick close to home and stay away from foods that I used to eat.  I swear I can smell a cheese burger being cooked from a mile away now.  I am thankful that his family understood in their own way why I made my choice to stay at home.

I am still worried. I worry about the challenge phase of this diet a lot and keep putting it off.  I like feeling better and I like feeling physically healthy.  Healing has improved on this diet.  My body heals faster than it has been in a while.  I got a new tattoo and it healed up in record time.  I worry that my body and this nice even feeling I have will disappear when I start adding foods in. I know I cant live very well on this limited diet forever but its been nice to have a good  bit of time with my body that feels good.



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