Why am I doing this allergy challenge diet?  Every one changes their diet from time to time but why do this major change? It has to come from somewhere.  I have been experiencing extreme pain in my head.  I have been to many doctors, had pictures of my brain, and many different medications prescribed for this.  Sadly none of that has worked.  I am struggling with pain every day and this has been very detrimental to my life. So it was suggested by a doctor that I do the allergy challenge diet to see if there was an underlying cause to this pain.

I still ask my self why I am doing this three weeks in.  Its hard most day and I feel like I am getting no where.  Its a slow process and frustrating at times.

Things I have learned in week three….

pineapple – affects my rosacea some thing big.  This is the first food I had a reaction to so far.

Cookies – I thought there was no way to have cookies on this diet but mom figured out how to make up a cookie that fits in the restricted diet so I don’t have to feel like I am living without

Lamb – I am starting to actually enjoy lamb

Thanksgiving – This diet is actually pretty perfect for Thanksgiving.  Turkey, sweet potatoes, veggies, rice, and maybe some allergy challenge cookies will be on the menu for Thanksgiving this year.  We don’t have to do too much different to stick with the allergy challenge diet and eat a normal type of Thanksgiving meal.  My whole family will be eating allergy challenge for Thanksgiving to support me.

Cravings – Cravings for foods I used to eat are less this week.  Not totally gone but more livable.  I think that even the idea of having a cookie I can eat has made me a lot less grumpy about this diet.  I have a little bit of fruit or honey most days and that helps.

Add In 

Next week I get to start the process of adding in foods to the diet to ‘challenge’.  If I have a reaction to a food I might have an allergy or intolerance of the food.  I am not going to start with any of the big 8. I have  yet to decided what food I should start with.  It feels like rocking the boat.  My body is just getting used to this type of diet and I am feeling physically well except for the pain I experience all the time.  I worry about rocking the boat and adding a food in.


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