Week One

I have been living gluten free for 3+ years now.  It was a huge change in my life to go gluten free.  At the start of gluten free I felt like I could not eat anything.  I would come away from the grocery store empty handed and feeling sure that I would never eat food I liked again.  It took a lot of experimentation and quite a few unexpected gluten reactions but I got the hang of it.  In the last three years I have found restaurants and bakeries for my gluten free needs.  Life and diet were again feeling normal.

Starting this diet feels a lot like that time.  I don’t know what to eat and it feels like there is nothing I like on this diet.  I have never had lamb before.  I like turkey but the idea of lamb was going to take some getting used to.  In theory I like veggies so I was okay with that.  It was mostly the things I cant have any more on this diet.

Previous to this allergy challenge/elimination diet my eating habits had gone down hill a bit.  I can admit that to my self now.  I was eating a lot of fats and yeast every day.  I have a sweet tooth and love gluten free baked goods.  I am lucky in that I have a gluten free bakery near to where I live.  On the new diet baked goods were totally out.  Refined sugars were out as well.  I feel deprived and unhappy.  I want to quit and get a burger.  I craved dairy and sweets like never before.

Lucky I have support.  My father is a master in the kitchen.  He can take unrelated ingredients from the list I could eat and make full meals I wanted to eat.  I felt less deprived but still unhappy. Week two comes before I get too unhappy and quit.

Menu Items

Steamed sweet potato slices with tiny amounts of honey and cinnamon, brown rice with olive oil and sea salt, steamed broccoli with olive oil, Turkey soup with squash, and lamb stuffed yellow peppers with brown rice, and grapes.

I have no reaction to any of these foods.


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